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1. You know your employees are spending company $$$ allocated for flame-resistant clothing on just that, not personal purchases.

2. Employees buying their FR clothing through a program saves thousands of company dollars over uniform rental companies.

3. Programs are set-up to meet your individual company policy, example: specific arc or category ratings, no short sleeve, no outerwear etc.

4. All individual employee accounting is done by Hudson Workwear.

5. We offer your employees ordering on customized web-site, by calling our toll free number or by fax.

6. All questions regarding shipments, balances, and ordering is done with your employee directly through Hudson Workwear.

7. Customized administrative capabilities. We work with you to customize a program that meets your needs.

8. Hudson Workear can set-up a program for any size utility, municipality or company.

9. We design managed programs to ease you and your company's flame-resistant clothing compliance.

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